Deer Brian Inc. carries a wide selection of barn beams from dimensions 6″x6″ up to 13″x13″ and lengths from 18″ for benches and stools to 28’+ lengths for great rooms and WOW factors.

Barn beams are great additions for accent pieces, fire place mantles, out door pergolas, portico’s and benches, floating shelving, stools and end tables


Average beam sizes range from 6″x6″, 7″x9″, 8″x8″, 10″x10″, 12″x12″ and in some cases 13″x13″ (and larger). We also carry ripped beams and “skins”, which are 1-2″ faces of hewn beams, great for capping glue lam, LVL and support beams, or surrounding support posts in main rooms, duct work, bulk heads and basement support posts.

In stock we also carry one time items or odd sized beams and when available 1800’s log home logs. We have had some log home logs up to 24″ wide in the past.

We offer custom band saw milling on our beams if you need them cut to a specific size or dimension , milled to fit your installation needs.

For beams cut to length, please contact us for prices on size and quantities you need.