Barn & Home Dismantling

Deer Brian Inc. offers barn and home dismantling services for old structures and buildings. Examples include timber frame barns, stone and brick homes, implement sheds and log homes.

The buildings we dismantle are any of the following; zoned for demolition, need to be moved or are condemned and past the point of restoring.

Deer Brian Inc. offers two dismantling services.

1. We remove the the structure and keep any and all materials useful to Deer Brian Inc.  The owner of the building is responsible for the removal of waste and debris. The building owner is not charged a fee.

2. For building owners wanting to keep the material for their own use,  Deer Brian Inc. will dismantle the building for the owner and charge a fee for time (labour) and equipment rental.

At Deer Brian Inc., we take pride in keeping our yard and work sites clean and organized.  Safety always comes first.

If you have material from dismantled barns or buildings and are looking to sell, Deer Brian Inc. also purchases reclaimed material.  Contact us for prices.